Introducing Axe Payments

Axe Payments is a recognized leader in the credit card processing industry. As merchant advocates with over 50 years of combined experience in merchant processing, we have always felt the high cost of accepting credit card payments has been unfairly placed on business owners. So when federal regulation changed, as part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law (within the Durbin Amendment) allowing for business owners to offer a cash discount, we launched our Zero Fee, cash discount program.

Get Paid Effortlessly!

Axe Payments has made the process of getting paid effortlessly. It starts with your submission of the short application, which will load when you click


Within one business day, one of our friendly Fee Saver Support Specialists will contact you to complete the enrollment process. Based on your business needs and preferences, we will determine the best equipment/software solution.

Generally within 5 – 7 days, your new equipment will arrive (at no cost to you, of course) with simple and clear instructions on how to go live. If any problems should arise, no worries. Our Fee Saver Support Specialists are standing by to walk you through any technical issues you may encounter.

Once live, you can immediately start accepting credit cards for both big and small purchases with a smile, knowing that you are no longer paying a processing fees and that you will keep 100% of the purchase price.

Within 24 hours of every purchase your funds will be directly deposited into your business bank account.

What Made Zero Charge, Zero Processing Fees Process Available?

Axe Payments understands that our Zero Processing Fees Program sounds almost too good to be true. No upfront costs, no contract, no equipment fees, and no processing fees will save your business thousands to tens of thousands of dollars annually. How can this be legal?

Per the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act (part of the Durbin Amendment), business owners possess the right to pass processing fees, up to 4%, to customers using a credit card as payment. This national legislative statute has provided Axe Payments with the opportunity to offer Zero Charge, Zero Processing Fees. We are compliant with all Federal and State regulations as well as all Visa/Mastercard audit requirements.

Flawless Processing and Integration

Axe Payments Zero Fee Program ensures businesses receive 100% of their purchase price, regardless of payment type (cash or credit card).


Through our proprietary software, a 4% convenience fee will automatically be added to any customer transaction being paid for by credit card. The convenience fee offsets all processing and equipment fees, other than non-association fees, including chargebacks.

100% of the purchase price is transferred into your business account within 24 hours, effectively ensuring payment equality regardless of payment type.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple, Axe Payments strives to help merchants thrive by greatly reducing the costs of being paid by credit card.
Make it a Zero Processing Fees Today!